A Wedding in the Country


Just a few from this beautiful country wedding at Musterfield Farm in New Hampshire.  A lovely couple on a beautiful summer day.  What more could you ask for?

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At the Julie Paisley Wedding Workshop

I was lucky enough to get a spot in the Julie Paisley Workshop. What a fantastic experience. Learned so much and met some really amazing women… they are all truly talented photographers. I can’t wait til I get to do another one. 🙂 The first day, we just pulled over on the side of Rt.20 in Marlborogh and got these shots of Sarah. On the second day we went to the Wayside Inn & Grist Mill in Sudbury with Darcy and CJ. I can’t say enough about Julie Paisley… she is AH-mazing!

Wedding - JPP Sara Wedding - JPP Dara with FLowers Wedding - JPP Flowers 334851_445200895526715_32379745_o Weding - JPP Sara Standing 621212_445217618858376_94419727_oWedding - JPP Couple Wedding - JPP Autumn Light 665596_445236818856456_1650148664_o 472066_445236488856489_128521250_o 471996_445236042189867_255031955_o 470897_445201295526675_894142663_o 413211_445236182189853_1377543042_o 341487_445201202193351_707568114_o 286220_445201255526679_741394001_o 201219_445236278856510_1275788297_o 134435_445236678856470_130529404_o 132887_445201478859990_1193034720_o 53938_445201382193333_2131180647_o Wedding - JPP Couple 2

She said YES!

Christina and Michael…. my first engagement session of the season.  Such a great couple.  We had fun tromping around in the snow at Colby Sawyer College… where they first met as students and where they will both graduate from this … Continue reading

And now for something a little different… Up at the Crowell’s

A quick trip up to the Crowell’s revealed that they truly love to hunt.  Yes, all these animals were once real.   So, here we have got something unique for their Christmas card this year.  More to follow when I do the next session with the kids!


June Jam 2012 at Musterfield Farm