She said YES!

Christina and Michael…. my first engagement session of the season.  Such a great couple.  We had fun tromping around in the snow at Colby Sawyer College… where they first met as students and where they will both graduate from this May.   Their  Wedding will be on June 1st.  I am so excited to be documenting these special moments for them.  I can’t WAIT for June!

DSC_3585-2 DSC_3060-2 DSC_3066-2 DSC_3067-2 DSC_3075-2 DSC_3142-2 DSC_3177-2 DSC_3190-2 DSC_3225-2 DSC_3274-2 DSC_3298-2 DSC_3317-2 DSC_3318-2 DSC_3380-2 DSC_3389-2 DSC_3436-2 DSC_3444-2 DSC_3467-2 DSC_3491-2 DSC_3509-2 DSC_3531-2 DSC_3537-2 DSC_3554-2


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