Nun Bowling

So, I must explain this. When the kids lose a tooth, they get a gift from the tooth fairy. I usually have a stash of little trinkets. But between Marin and Emma in just the last year, my stock of goodies has been depleted. So, Marin lost one of her “Two Front Teeth” on Monday and the tooth fairy forgot to come. And, I then forgot to get the necessary trinkets on Tuesday. So, I called Todd and said, “Babe, please stop at Colonial on your way home and get a small gift for Marin from the Tooth Fairy.” Now, I usually get a ring, or a necklace, or a stuffed animal. Todd…well… he got NUN BOWLING. I don’t know what to say. Marin thinks it’s fabulous. I guess I have been failing miserably as a Catholic mom! Todd said, ” The Lutheran Tooth Fairy dropped by last night.” šŸ™‚ImageImageImageImageImage


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